Minecraft Capture the Flag

After a long break, the server is back online! Software is no longer publicly released so I can focus on integration with the website and more advanced features.

This is a Minecraft Classic custom server based on OpenCraft 0.2. It was originally created to host Jacob_'s Capture the Flag server, which was the second CTF server for Minecraft. The software was later released publicly.


Download the server software using the above link and extract it to a folder on your computer. Edit with Notepad or Notepad++ to change the server settings.

You most likely want to give yourself op powers; to do that rename the file called YourName.xml in the savedGames folder. You can op other people using /op [name]. You can give people VIP rank (can kick, mute and start a new game) using /modify [name] VIP true.

On Windows you can click runServer.bat to start the server; on other platforms you can use the following command:

java -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -cp CTFServer.jar org.opencraft.server.Server

Version history

Note: The public version of this software is no longer supported or available for download.

July 2010 - First public release
January 2011 - Point crates, /store, bug fixes
December 2011 - Killstreaks, domination and revenge, bug fixes, more maps, reduced RAM usage, leaderboards released for the first time
1/13/12 - /banip, /unban, /unbanip and /xban added
1/20/12 - Fixed respawn prevention, rules are now editable, /hide shows a "left the game" chat message, added /follow and /hidden for ops
2/7/12 - Fixed lag-related bug where players could be killed and respawn with the flag
7/21/12 - fixed permissions bug, added some files which were mistakenly excluded, fixed problem with runServer.bat that affected certain users

Commands for everyone

Commands for VIPs

Commands for operators

Adding Maps

Maps should be in the standard Minecraft server format. When viewed from the top in Omen, red must be on the left and blue on the right. After you make a map, you must make a properties file for it by copying one of the existing ones. Edit it with Notepad or Notepad++ to fill in all of the settings with the appropriate numbers:

The rest of the coordinates contain the red and blue spawn and flag positions. Note that the y coordinates count from the bottom, not from the top as Omen does.

Put the map in the maps folder, then you can start the server and use /newgame to start a new game there.